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In the environmentally conscious world of the 21st century, it seems counter-intuitive that global greenhouse gas emissions have risen 35% since 1990, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

As is well documented, the main activity that contributes to greenhouse gases is the combustion of fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas and oil, for transportation and energy.

With global oil demand projected to increase by 1% this year, according to Statista, it is logical to question what the Petroleum industry is doing to curb the trend of global greenhouse gas growth. Despite automotive innovation to reduce fossil-fuel dependency, there is still more oil consumed today than in 2014 and years prior.

In fact, the petroleum industry innovation saw a 1% year-over-year increase in activity according to Thomson Reuters analysts, with China taking center stage as the most innovative region in this sector. But, what exactly is being developed related to the Petroleum industry?

China appears to be the lone wolf leader, with China Petroleum and Petrochina taking the top two spots in terms of overall global innovation. Halliburton (U.S.) and Schlumberger (U.S.) are third and fourth, followed by China National Offshore Oil Corp at #5. The top Chinese companies out-innovate their global competitors by over 100%.

In terms of academic research related to this field, Imperial College of London (U.K.) and the U.S. Department of Energy lead the pack followed by Stanford University (U.S.) and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).

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“For Halliburton, innovation is a key to bringing our customers cutting edge solutions in the increasingly challenging quest for oil & gas resources. Halliburton has always been a science and technology company; it is what our customers expect and demand and is a part of the DNA of Halliburton.”

Dr. Greg Powers Vice President of Technology, Halliburton

Patent Activity



Change from 2013
*Unique innovations may be represented in multiple subsectors.

Top 5 Companies

  • 1 China Petroleum 1946
  • 2 Petrochina 1520
  • 3 China Nat Offshore Oil Corp 384
  • 4 Toyota Jidosha KK 219
  • 5 Univ China Petroleum 162
  • 1 Shell Oil Co 211
  • 2 Tatneft Stock Co 207
  • 3 Basf SE 122
  • 4 IFP 76
  • 5 Bosch 75
  • 1 Halliburton 783
  • 2 Schlumberger 448
  • 3 Prad Res & Dev Ltd 313
  • 4 Baker Hughes Inc 234
  • 5 Exxonmobil Res & Eng Co 177

(Patent Data as of March 2015) Total number of documents by region